Community Service

Stuart Ollanik and his wife Wendy Block believe in giving back to the community, and believe that community service is an essential part of a happy life.  Here are a just a few of the causes and organizations we actively support. We invite you to join in helping with the important work of these organizations.

Children’s Hospital – Courage Classic. We frequently ride in this fundraiser for this great cause.  We have been inspired by young friends and their fight with cancer.  We earmark our contributions to research on childhood cancers. Sign up for this fun and rewarding 2-3 day ride!                     

I Have a Dream Foundation – Boulder County. We want all children in our community to have the opportunities to learn, play, compete in sports, enjoy musicianship and art, and grow that our children had.  That’s why Wendy and I help sponsor a class of in-need children now in third grade – we’ll be involved with them through high school graduation and beyond.  More fun than sponsoring is our work with the kids, tutoring and mentoring.  We need more volunteers, and more sponsors – join in!

 Ignite Adaptive Sports.  From working with so many paralyzed, head injured, and otherwise differently abled clients, I know how hard it is for them to constantly be confronted with what they can’t do.  Ignite helps remind them of all they can do.  Ignite relies completely on volunteers as instructors, and provides us the training we need to help children and adults with disabilities learn to ski and snowboard.  The volunteer instructor corp allows Ignite to keep its services affordable and provide extensive scholarships.  Join in — this may be the most fun you’ve ever had volunteering.